About District Communications Portal

The “District Innovation Awards” is an upcoming initiative (scheduled to begin from February) and also the first one that will be executed using tech-assistance from the District Communication Portal. A first-of-its-kind initiative, the project aims to reward, recognize and archive the best practices executed across the 33 districts in Telangana. A detailed explainer for the project and the application toolkit has been linked with one of the navigation tabs for public display.

The District Communications Portal is a government of Telangana initiative to streamline communications between the Telangana State Innovation Cell and the District Administrations. A one-of-its-kind platform, the portal will serve as the tech backbone to assist all TSIC projects structured around the District Innovation Ecosystem. The Telangana state Innovation cell has been fairly proactive in engaging District divisions within the mandate to decentralize a culture of innovation within the government. In the last two years, the innovation cell has implemented a significant proportion of its work portfolio across the 33 districts of Telangana making it one of the only states to do so!

An illustrative list of TSIC events held at the intersection of district innovation ecosystem includes:

  1. Intinta Innovator Exhibition
  2. DPRO- Capacity Building Program
  3. Krishi Bazaar

With successful precedents to vouch for, the primary objective of the District Communications Portal is to provide a deep-rooted communication structure so as to ensure ceaseless facilitation of the upcoming TSIC events. 

K. T. Rama Rao
Hon’ble Minister for I&C, IT E&C, MA & UD, Govt of Telangana
Jayesh Ranjan, IAS
Principal Secretary, Govt of Telangana

About Telangana State Innovation Cell

Established with the vision to transform Telangana into an innovation-driven economy, the Telangana State Innovation Cell serves as the central point to facilitate ceaseless engagement/enablement across the innovation ecosystem in Telangana. Apart from being one of the youngest states in the country, Telangana is also the first state to roll out a progressive innovation policy, thus, laying down the foundations of a proactive state innovation cell.

Over the years, the Telangana State Innovation Cell has made undertaken multiple initiatives with special emphasis on;

  1. Grassroots Innovation & Rural Livelihoods
  2. Social Innovation
  3. Innovation in Education/ Youth Engagement
  4. Innovation Diffusion (within administrative divisions)
  5. Startup Engagement

The Innovation Cell is headed by the Chief Innovation Officer, Ravi Narayan. The team includes the CIO along with 6 fellows, 4 project coordinators, a program manager and a senior advisor who collectively work together towards nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the state.

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